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Aia Asked: Is feminism destroying the romance between men and women?

I think women and men in America are not very romantic. They are taking everything for granted. They take love, sex, children etc for granted, and people are encouraged to "experiment" (be promiscuous) before they marry. Why are people encouraged to have had sex and former girlfriends/boyfriends before they marry? Why does feminism distance itself from everything romantic, like male heroes riding horses and rescuing females?
In my country Hyrule, there are distinct gender roles between men and women, but at the same time there are not. There have been female warriors, explorers and politicians, as well as more traditional wives. But we have never had any need for a thing such as feminism. Women have never been refused to do what they want to do, but most women want to be wives and mothers, and most men have wanted to be the ones who take the more dangerous roles (horse riding, archery, business, sword fighting etc). I never wished to learn sword fighting. Why should women be enforced a masculine tomboy role they don't want?

There are many different ethnic groups in my country.

I think Hylians (the culture I belong to) are the ones with the most differences between men and women. Most Hylian women want it that way, and they would not find it right to reverse the roles. It does not mean that Hylian women are any weaker or less worth than the men.
Sheikahs are more daring. Sheikah women have always been renowned for being strong and independent.

I don't think matriarchy would be a good idea. There is one matriarchal or partly matriarchal ethnic group in my country (the Gerudos), and I don't like their ways. They are famous for being thieves and their society is not very well organized.
I don't know if it is true, but I think men are generally better at organizing a society than women.

Back to the point..... why is feminism important when there are no laws there to stop women to do what they want to? If the majority of women want to obey their husbands and give birth to children, why can't they?

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Answer by Mr O
feminism destroys individuality, creativity, and equality.

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