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Hijabers: Women Drivers Compilation (

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a bunch of clips put together with some of the worst driving and parking skills


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Anonygrow Asked: Whats the deal with women being treated differently than men?

I can tolerate men and women being treated differently in terms of physical well being or hormonal differences. But it just makes me so mad that women are often put down , while the men are at the same level , but the men try to overstate their superiority .

In terms of IQ , women , at least when I was in school , were either the smartest or average , while men were either the dumbest or average.

And if you would talk to the women , they would be more interested in studying or talking about some trip to another country , while the men would be outside whistling at girls.

The female hormones cause women to be more emotionally clingy than men.
This helps in some very good ways. It helps women develop social skills (like language and art) , helps their moral judgment , and especially can help raise children .

On the other hand , it causes more diverse mood swings , more depression , and can be a bit dangerous in some situations of violence , such as when a mother tries to save her child without strategic planning first.

Male hormones help men in various ways. It helps increase muscular build , increase paternal instincts , etc ( couldn't think of much)

The downside to male hormones , is that men can use up a lot of energy and it will cause them to get drowsy very quickly. The increased muscle build uses more energy , which the brain uses to think faster . Men can become very territorial , and often try to possess things that cannot be possessed (Women is a good example). Their fists think quicker than their brains do sometimes.

There are many words for slandering women , but there are very few for men , even though men tend to be more sexually deviant.
When has anyone ever heard a man being called a "Slut?" , a "Bitch" , a "skank" , "Whore" , "prostitute" , "Twat" , etc?

BTW , I am not a feminist .
I am just some random MAN that believes that women are treated unequally.

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Answer by Sato™
As a woman, all i can do is deal with it, and prove them wrong. Women have to work harder in this world, but that makes us stronger

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