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Hijabers: The Doors - LA Woman


Indo Hijabers

"LA Woman" is a song by American rock band The Doors. The song is the title track on their 1971 album LA Woman, the final album with frontman Jim Morrison before his death. In the song's coda, Morrison repeats the phrase "Mr. Mojo risin'", which is an anagram of "Jim Morrison". The song was recorded at The Doors Workshop on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, between December 1970 and January 1971. "LA Woman (Paul Oakenfold Remix)" featured in episode #1.02 of "Californication".


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Asked: WOMEN.......___????______?

OK.this has been bugging me forever.So id like honest answers please.have you ever met a man that when inlove only fantasizes about the women he is inlove with ???

Best answer about WOMEN.......___????______?:

Answer by Brocco.B
Well you can't know for sure unless you're a man I guess. My boyfriend says he fantasizes about me all the time, he never mentions thinking about anyone else, but then again what would he get out of mentioning that? My guess would be that most men fantasize about whatever they want to, I'm like that. Usually I just fantasize about my boyfriend, but if I do think about someone else then it's nothing I worry about. Even men in love can have wandering minds! :)

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