Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hijabers: Baek Ji Young - That Woman [Eng. Sub]


Indo Hijabers

Song: That Woman Singer: Baek ji Young Album: Secret Graden OST I am watching this drama.. since Dr. Champ's ending is near, I decided to watch this drama next.. and is not disappointed.. what a lovely and cute drama.. Hyun Bin is really really funny here.. hilarious.. I am a big fan of Ha Ji Won, so she's a big factor as to why i am watching this drama right now.. and telling you, it's a must watch.. hoping that it has a good run as it go along.. and does not disappoint till the end.. Anyways, I am not really fond of this song, i thought it is too slow.. but i just decided to sub it.. it has a good meaning though.. Ifyou want to download this or other songs and videos I subbed go to my blog: :] you can also download albums from Korean, Japanese, Filipino, & Americans songs... I also started a twitter, If you want to talk or something.. :]


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