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Women: Innocence of Muslims Trailer


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Check our Official Website: Click to subscribe Here you'll find Movie Reviews, Movie Trailers, Celebrity Interviews, Movie and Entertainment News and much more! Muhammad (innocence of muslims) Official Trailer (2012): Many believe that a cheaply-made amateur film, called "Innocence of Muslims," caused a violent reaction in Libya, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The Anti-Islam film is a loose biography of the Prophet Muhammed, focusing on many negative stereotypes about the holy Muslim figure: that he was a philanderer, homosexual, approved of child sexual abuse, and led a minion of goons.The movie caused riots in Cairo and in Libya, where an angry mob blasted rocket-propelled grenades at the US Embassy. It was first reported that the director of the filmis Sam Bacile, an Israeli who madethe moviefor million, raised from 100 Jewish donors. But Israeliofficialsare claiming that there is no record of citizenship for a Sam Bacile. A consultant onthe movie, who met the director once, confirmed that Bacile is not Israeli and that Israel or Terry Jones (a radical Christian pastor who burned the Koran) are not involved. He added that he believes funding came from Syria, Turkey, Pakistan and Egypt. On top of that, CNN says that such an attack would require planning and would not have been successful with just an angry mob.The newsoutlet claims that this is likelythe workof Al Qaeda, which ...

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Asked: Libstains: Is it legitimate to profile Muslims or people from Muslim countries for security reasons?

The vast majority of Muslims in the world are not terrorists. However, most terrorism in the recent past is attributable to Muslims. Is it fair to profile and subject Muslims or people from Muslim countries to greater security precautions based on this fact? Why or why not? I am especially interested in the viewpoints of Libstains on this issue. Thank you.

Best answer about Libstains: Is it legitimate to profile Muslims or people from Muslim countries for security reasons?:

Answer by vinny_says_relax
The only thing wrong with racial profiling is that its not used often enough.

Hell what do police detectives around the country do every single day when they start a criminal investigation on a suspect - THEY START A PROFILE!

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