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RedWiNe Asked: Hijab ...!!?

since the majority here screaming about wearing hijab and that the hijabless girls are responsible for raping other girls .. and that hijab is fard and it is more important now than the Five Pillars of Islam !! i just want to know how many of u went to hajj the fifth direct Pillar of Islam .....and how many of u knows meqdar el zakah ( Zakah portion).
i think kefaya she3arat ... guys am not against Hijab bas am against those who judge the appearance of the person ..they r really narrow minded and shallow .

Rana** ikhtelaf el ra2i la yofsed lel wed qadeya . am really civilized bas this way is better ... :)
guys i relly dont need to know what is hujab .. i was asking " which of the five main and direct Pillars of islam still still not done yet .. and what r u waiting for ??????????
**dark angel** you know NOTHING hun .. how did u judge that i dont read Qur2an !!!!!!!!!!! u answered the question in an ignorant way is not about absolutely throwing an answer we khalas ... !!
**relator ** i really respect your answer !

hajj is fard too it is a Pillar of islam why do we find an excuse to do it .. instead of buying the computer u r typing n now why u didnt save the money and go to hajj ...!! guys am really FED UP .... we lie to ourselves alot .. ya reet baah nebattal nameema 3ala el banat elli mengheir hijab
Isadora ** No comment .. !! 7asbeya allah wane3ma el wakeel .. just say it
wise heart ** i know it is fard .. i said b4 i really dont want to know what is hijab bcoz i know ... i asked why did we make this noise on hijab and dont make it on Hajj !!! hajj is a clear direct fard .. bas keda ... we kol wa7ed 7or fi ra2you .. i respect tailor view and isadora's as well .... and i really appreciate your ya amar :) very civilized
**Finally ** when i spoke about Hijab i just found here one track-minded people .. when i threw hijab word here all what i got is hijab is fard and put it rabina yehdidki !!!! i didnt need an aadvice from anyone .. u forgot the original Q about hajj and zakat .. few of u answered me .

Begad am Sad for what we are !!
** Hope ** thank you for u simple wise answer .. i hope they understand ..but NEVER !!
** Butterfly ** I miss u too ... enti fein ya set enti !!!!!??? 3ala fekra .. it is sooo wrong to discuss such an issue in this country .. the generation is one track minded .. khallina fil hayafa a7san ... like ur best singer and r u ahlawi or what r u going to east first day of Ramadan ?? ah BTW , Ento tabkheen eh el naharda ????
rabina yostor

Best answer about Hijab ...!!?:

Answer by ♥Isadora♥
Really I don't know what to say about this issue?
I am fed out , i see 3 questions posted daily about the same thing , saying the same words!
I feel that I want to puke when i see someone blaming a raped woman for not wearing a veil !!!!
If u blame the raped woman for being non veiled then u must blame the raped child for wearing shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In my opinion the man who gets horny on seeing the woman's hair exposed , needs to pay a visit to a shrink , he is really abnormal!

Why all this fuss?
is Islam only restricted to those few hairs which cover my head?
Is Islam only the appearance?
That is pathetic really to leave everything in Islam and debate plucking eyebrows haram or halal and wearing the wegs haram or halal!

In Egypt 50 ys ago at the time the women wear the minis and the micros with half of their breasts exposed , and no one dared to haress them , on contrary they used to ride public transport means with those clothes feeling safe, while nowadays , almost all of the girls r veiled or even monquabat and the sexual haressments r very epidemic.. !

The problem isn't hijab then , it lies in the corrupted souls and corrupted society , and i am going to repeat it again , no wonder that Egypt will never progress as long as they treat their women as a door mob !

Edit: Namema or gossip , as talking about it , a guy here called Psycho called the non veiled exposed flesh and attention seekers!
He called me and you attention seekers that like to drag the attention by our exposed flesh , then he contradicts himself again by saying that he doesn't judge the ppl by the veil and respects them !

Better to show up himself here to tell him that i have the right to wear what i like as long as i don't harm the society by non respectable clothes , or not wearing the hijab makes me non respected in ur opinion?
I am free .. can't u respect my freedom?


I remember once a man tried to haress me on walking in the street saying to me (ما تتحجبي بقي)
now that makes a sense haressing me cuz of my exposed hair , that is how they defend the Islam image , this is how he preeches and advices me , by haressing me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is halal for him to do that , while haram for me to walk freely and safely with my exposed hair though I don't wear seductive clothes at all!

He is the good Muslim and I am the bad one , I know that some users will show up themselves here to tell me that i deserved that or even more than that!

for those who say it is fard , I don't need u to tell me that , i know it is Fard besides it is freedom , and my practice to my religion is something private between me and Allah , which I don't like anybody to influence or interfere with it!

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