Sunday, June 10, 2012

Women: Moslem convert claims hospital staff mocked her "religion"


Indo Hijabers

Defend our Freedom! ACT NOW! Stop Islamization of the world! A Muslim woman says she was forced to leave Abington Memorial Hospital without the care she needed, after a hospital staffer insulted her religion. Janice Brown, 25, is a convert to the Islamic faith. And she suffers from periodic hemmoroidal bleeding, dating back to the birth of her daughter. Late Thursday night, that bleeding led brown to the emergency room at Abington Memorial. Brown says she'd called ahead, verifying that she'd be examined by a female doctor. As a Muslim, it would be a sin for Janice to allow a non-related man to see her uncovered genital region. But once inside the examination room, she was greeted by a man. "The charge nurse came in- his name was James, though he went by Jim- and he told me that Abington Hospital does not discriminate and I'm not allowed to choose a preference whether i see a male doctor or a female doctor," says Brown. The hospital's own web site includes a list of patients' rights that includes the right to medical and nursing services without discrimination based upon religion. Janice's sister had joined her and confronted told the charge nurse. "'You're asking her to go against her beliefs and commit sins because you don't want to find her a female doctor," she said. And he said, 'I'm sure god will forgive her.'" "I don't know if it was more of a mocking thing coming from the charge nurse- for him to tell me, 'oh, God's gonna forgive you.' You're not the ...


I Love Hijab

Asked: Do you believe that the moslem race will carry a blood libel through the centuries for their actions?

I know I do. A millinnia from now, if this accursed race still survives, when one hears terrorist, moslem will immediate come to mine.

Fight terror! Fight Islam.

Best answer about Do you believe that the moslem race will carry a blood libel through the centuries for their actions?:

Answer by Chances68
Moslem race???? are aware, I hope, that Muslim, meaning a follower of the religion of Islam, is a religion, and is not related to race in any sense, right?

There are Muslims of pretty much every racial group and skin color. Additionally, there is considerable variation in the religions of people of mid-East descent. Remember that there are Iraqi Christians, for example, and Iranian Jews, and there are a fair number of Coptic Christians in North Africa, as well.

Moreover, it's clear from your post that you fail to understand terrorism. Terrorism is certainly not confined to the extremists of the Muslim faith. Remember that the Orangemen and the IRA, all ostensibly Christian, used terrorism against each other for many, many years, and that many of the most famous terrorists of the last few decades have been atheists and marxists. Moreover, Timmy McVey is an example of American Christian terrorism, as are the men who murder doctors and bomb family planning clinics.

to sum up? You are ignorant of the terms you use and fail utterly to make a logical point.


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